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Concrete Water Tanks

Tanks are pre cast in our factory and delivered with a crane truck and placed into the prepared hole excavation.  Installed in ground or under ground to create greater outdoor recreation area for your family’s use, saving water for the future.

Manufactured with Integrated Self Anchoring Collar, negating the need for extra concrete around tanks to prevent lifting and reducing installation cost.  Flow through gauze filter removes leaves and debris from roof water before storage.  Designed to reduce maintenance by householder.

Tanks available with 80mm standard lid suitable for in ground pedestrian traffic or 150mm heavy duty lid suitable for below ground application. Steel manhole access covers available for driveway installation.

Tank sizes available:

Round Concrete Water Tanks

  • 4,000 litre
  • 6,000 litre
  • 10,000 litre

Product Information Downloads (PDFs)

Rainwater storage systems

Different combinations of one, two or more concrete water tanks for increased capacity where required.  Where rock is prevalent, multiple squat tanks may be preferred. Highland Concrete Tanks is able to design storage systems for individual site requirements, and also designs required by architects and engineers.

House & Fire Storage System providing fire storage when required in rural areas and also house & garden storage in the one combination, using either one or two tanks.

House & Garden Storage System is available in one or two tank combinations providing harvested rainwater for your household and garden requirements, i.e. toilets, laundry and garden tap.

Product Information Downloads (PDFs)

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